Commanding Wealth Circles®

Commanding Wealth Circles®

In Commanding Wealth Circles® individuals gather by phone or computer and employ group energy as they practice The One Command ® which immediately changes mindsets, clears old emotional blocks, and opens doors to new possibilities in every area of the attendees’ lives. The group setting supports you while you co-create the new life that you have always dreamed possible. Circles are open to anyone, whether or not they have read Asara’s The One Command® book or have previously attended seminars.

Pam Rettig offers Commanding Wealth Circles® bi-monthly because the power of what you can create and manifest increases each time you attend and apply group energy. Pam’s circles are filled with individuals from many walks of life.

Are you ready to move beyond where you are today because you feel there’s something more...something bigger? You are warmly invited to join us in commanding wealth and abundance. Simply call 859-512-7600 to register for The Commanding Wealth Circles® and click here to see dates and times.


Testimonials - here's what others have experienced:

"I had been through a rough journey with my husband who passed from cancer. After working through my grief I was ready to try and find a new relationship. Prior to the Commanding Wealth Circle I had started with some internet dating sites but was not having any real luck. Many of my friends would tell me that "I needed to kiss a lot of frogs before I would meet Prince Charming". I did not accept that this had to be the case. I attended one of Pam's Commanding Wealth Circles where I offered up a command to meet my next life partner within 2 months.. Within one month of making this command I met a wonderful man with long term potential...I might even say "my Prince Charming" and I could not be happier. The One Command really works." -GS - Mason, OH

"I have attended several Commanding Wealth Circles. My husband and I had been longing for a farm so we could get away and enjoy life more fully. We were looking just for land to eventually build a house. This was my One Command. I asked in January and by April we had found 14 acres. The best part was that it came with a beautiful 142 year old antebellum home that we are restoring. Oddly enough, it wasn't the home I had pictured in my mind, but it was the EXACT house that had been in recurring dreams I had been having for years. So, it worked! My command was delivered. It was meant to be and all I had to do was ask for it.

I also had an opportunity to attend Pam's Burning Bowl Ceremony last year in which she included a Commanding Wealth Circle. At the time, my husband's father was ill in the hospital and they weren't sure if he was going to make it. One of the things I asked for during ceremony was the return of his health. While we were in the six step meditation, my phone that was in my pocket buzzed. After we were finished, I checked and it was a text from my husband letting me know that his father had woken up. After nearly five weeks of intubation and being unconscious, he was released to go home. He continued to make progress every day. I was amazed that what I was asking for happened nearly instantaneously. It happened simultaneous with the six step meditation called The One Command. The One Command works. I've received everything I have asked from the Universe." -Heather - Burlington, KY

"I am so happy Pam introduced me to The One Command. I bought the book and enjoyed reading it. At my first Commanding Wealth Circle, I wondered if I was asking for too much when I commanded to have 3 new listings and 3 sales during the month of August. I am a realtor and sales records hit their all time low in July. I could not believe how quickly the six-step tool worked for me. I called Pam four days after the circle telling her that I had two new listings. Two weeks later, I sold four houses, a week before August ended. I use The One Command frequently and really enjoy the support I receive at the Commanding Wealth Circles. I highly recommend it for everyone." -Debbie - Independence, KY

"I wanted to attend a Commanding Wealth Circle (CWC) for a couple of months but just hadn´t made the time. I had a free Wednesday evening on January 12th and finally attended a CWC; a decision that changed my life. I made the One Command for a new job; one that would make me feel happy, worthy & more prosperous. On Monday, 1/17, I got a call from a recruiter that I had not spoken to in 2 years. She started selling me on a position she was trying to fill and I was immediately interested. I interviewed with the company on Wednesday, 1/19 and was invited for a second interview the following week. On Friday, 2/11, I received a phone call with the job offer, to which I accepted! Within one month of attending my first CWC, I received what I had asked for with the One Command! So what are you waiting for?" -Heather - Florence, KY

"When I attended my first Commanding Wealth Circle, I requested a beach house on the ocean. It is something my husband had no interest in, but it was one of the dreams I had for retirement. Two weeks later, my husband who really never likes the idea of leaving Kentucky said, "Ya know, it has been a long, cold winter. Why don't you look into getting us a beach house on the ocean for next winter." I told him nothing about attending the circle. My command is being delivered!" -Anne - Burlington, KY

The Commanding Wealth Circle gave me immediate results - only four days after I commanded a leadership role within my company, I was promoted to run the entire operation. The Commanding Wealth Circle is one of the most powerful tools for success I've ever experienced - as Pam and the group reaffirm your goals with genuine support and caring, you can feel the energy at work. I leave every session totally uplifted and confident that my command will be fulfilled." -Lindsey - Cincinnati, OH

"At my first Commanding Wealth Circle, I requested new clients because my business was slow last December. The next day, three new clients called for appointments before noon. I have been attending Commanding Wealth Circles weekly since then. I find the gatherings help me keep centered. I enjoy the warm support the "like-minded" people give during our time together." -Debbie - Edgewood, KY

"Using The One Command at Pam's Commanding Wealth Circles has brought me to an awareness that wealth has many meanings and it's not always about attracting money. I have grown from my experiences at each and every Circle I've attended and they have opened the doors to opportunities I never thought possible. I attend as often as I can to connect to the positive energy from the group and to give and receive encouragement. Pam offers a relaxing and inviting space to gather and join other like-minded people who seek to make a positive change in their lives." -Michelle

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To obtain her certifications in Commanding Wealth Circles, Pam traveled to Carlsbad, CA to earn her One Command practitioner’s certification from the co-founder of The One Command®, Kathryn Perry. She then completed further studies under Katie Garnett, Ph.D., in Arizona and earned her certification as a Commanding Wealth Circle Facilitator.

NOTE: While The One Command has produced remarkable results, the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. The One Command is not medicine or medical treatment or therapy of any kind and no representation is being made as to that result. Pam has The One Command practitioner certification.