Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting

Are past negative or hurtful scenarios in your life playing over and over in your head?

With Matrix Reimprinting you can change that scenario, thereby allowing yourself to move into the future without the old negative beliefs from past incidents continually dictating how you react to life in the present day. Pam Rettig will help you clear up your past and create the future of your dreams.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting evolved from EFT and was created by EFT Master Karl Dawson and refined by Sasha Allenby. Matrix Reimprinting allows an improved picture to go into the subconscious. With Matrix Reimprinting, you feel that you are not only resolving past trauma as with EFT tapping - but also expanding into new dimensions of your reality - including the future.

What's the Difference Between EFT and Matrix Reimprinting?

In EFT you can take the charge out of a traumatic memory, but the memory still remains the same. With Matrix Reimprinting you still use the EFT tapping points, but you can actually rewrite the memory. Pam will guide you in going back to any point in time and saying or doing what you wished you had said or done. Pam will guide you in visualizing new resources and new people to employ during this process. She will help you identify the positive life lesson from that experience that you can apply constructively moving forward. So Matrix Reimprinting is more empowering. It also enables you to get to blocked or pre-conscious memories, and resolve them easily and effectively.

Why Matrix Reimprinting?

- It can remove trauma and disempowering beliefs faster...
- It shifts long-standing physical problems faster...
- It puts you on track with your dreams and goals faster...
- It power-boosts the Law of Attraction so you hardly think of a goal and it happens...
- It makes opportunities come your way faster and easier...
- It brings more love, peace and happiness to your life as you apply it to any challenges that arise

Here's what others have experienced:

Procrastination & Self Doubt... be gone!
"Since you so expertly took me through 'Matrix Reimprinting,' I clearly see my business path, and confidently tackle all that seems in my way. I had no idea I shouldered accumulated heavy baggage, blocking my thinking... sabotaging my confidence, energy, and my passion to share my purpose. I wish I had known about the possible results of your program, 'Matrix Reimprinting' years ago. Now that the clouds have parted, I realize how much time and mental stress I wasted because of the personal roadblocks I caused for myself. My results are amazing: Procrastination & Self Doubt... be gone! Thank you, Pam I want to tell the world!"
Rebecca Eisele - Cincinnati, OH

"I have known Pam for several years and consider her to be a gifted soul worker. She has a deep sense of commitment to her personal growth as well as facilitating clients with their growth. She is always expanding her offerings and I was happy to try Matrix Reimprinting with her. Pam always helps me feel comfortable with who I am and where I am on my journey, even though, I often struggle with feelings of wanting to be further along in my development. The sessions focused on past experiences of pain and trauma; some of the areas we worked on I didn't even know had an effect on me today! I enjoy working with Pam as she is so easy to work with and very supportive. Many of my sessions with Pam have been in person. I have also been able to work with Pam on the phone which has been helpful with my busy schedule. I find it fascinating she has clients all over the country."
R. - Edgewood, KY

"Pam has been a true blessing in my life. Whether my issue is physical or mental I know I can turn to Pam for healing. When I walk in her office I am always met with kindness, support and non judgment. Pam makes healing easy with EFT. She is able to put me at complete ease allowing my true thoughts and feelings to flow. With Pam's guidance, Matrix Reimprinting has helped me to turn negative thoughts and memories into positive ones. It has eliminated repetitive thinking of past events and has eased my mind of stress due to these old memories. As my mind has healed my body has also healed of muscular pain and tension, headaches and digestive issues just to name a few. I have recently experienced Birth Reimprinting as I prepare for the birth of my first child. This was quite an amazing experience as I learned about events that happened before and immediately following my own birth. Birth Reimprinting not only put a positive light on my birth, but has allowed me to look forward to labor with a new enthusiasm and calm. Our thoughts create our reality; Pam has helped me to change the way that I think creating a reality that is better than I could have ever imagined."
A - Fort Thomas, KY

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Pam traveled to Orlando to study and earn her Matrix Reimprinting Level I and II Certifications from Karin Gustafson, the only Certified Trainer in the US.

NOTE: While Matrix Reimprinting has produced remarkable clinical results, the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Pam Rettig is not a licensed health professional. Pam is a certified Matrix Reimprinting level II practitioner.