The Commanding Wealth Circle gave me immediate results – only four days after I commanded a leadership role within my company, I was promoted to run the entire operation. The Commanding Wealth Circle is one of the most powerful tools for success I’ve ever experienced – as Pam and the group reaffirm your goals with genuine support and caring, you can feel the energy at work. I leave every session totally uplifted and confident that my command will be fulfilled.”
Lindsey – Cincinnati, OH

I have been going to see Pam for about 3 years now. As her skill set has grown, so has my freedom from self-imposed apathy, grief, anger, and just about every other negative emotion. You won’t find a more caring practicioner. You also won’t find a practicioner that works harder for YOU. Her guiding me through Matrix Reimprinting, has continued to help me in ridding myself of negative emotions that I didn’t even know I had. I found that I have some resentment towards my father. I have no idea why, but I do. After Matrix Reimprinting, I learned that he could not give me what he was not given. He was apparently raised in a very sterile environment, and that was passed on to me. The Matrix Reimprinting helps you to “forget” the negative feelings that have been at the forefront of your mind for years. It’s like taking on a split personality, only with the good side.
Robert – Independence, KY


“My friend invited me to go with her to a free group tapping session with Pam on a Saturday morning. Pam went around the room asking people what they would like to release from their life. I spoke up and said that I would like to quit craving Pepsi Cola. She asked what I liked about it. I told her I loved the spewing sound it made when I unscrewed the plastic bottle top. I relayed how much I enjoy the slight burning in my throat as I swallowed it. I also love the sugary taste. She led me through the tapping points. When she finished, she asked me how badly I would like to have a Pepsi and I honestly did not want one. She reminded me of the things I told her I loved about drinking it, but I still had no desire for one. I was so impressed; I made an appointment to see Pam. I told her I had not been craving Pepsi Cola’s. She brought a cold Pepsi into our session. She asked me to open it and smell it. I did and told her I had no desire to take a drink because it smelled like pencil shavings. She asked me to take a small drink. I did and it tasted like pure sugar instead of how I remembered it. I had no desire to drink it and asked her to throw it away.
I can vouch for Pam and EFT. I thank her for helping me release my cravings for Pepsi in a short time along with some childhood pain I have been carrying for years.
Vada – Covington, Ky

I was referred to Pam through a personal/small business coach I am working with—I had no idea what “tapping” or “EFT” meant!! I am a veteran of conventional, cognitive therapies, as well as affirmations, etc. I was completely unprepared for the powerful, transformative affect that Pam and the EFT would have on my life. We initially did a phone session dealing with inner healing/emotional issues, and I literally stopped taking my anxiety medication later that week! The sessions with Pam produced profound, lasting calm and clarity that I could not truly explain. It was as if someone had lifted a weight from my emotions, my mind, AND my body….I experienced less angst, less anger, less anxiety, less insecurity, and had restful sleep. I found that the nagging “downward spiral” thoughts (like a runaway train) simply had no real power—I could let those thoughts and feelings fade into the background, and focus on what I truly wanted, needed, and wished to achieve. I know that with more work with Pam, we can truly banish the old mental refuse, and make room for the positive, healing, and rewarding future I have yearned for my entire life.
Fast forward about two months from my original one-to-one sessions: Pam sent an invite for a group tapping call to herald in the new year…..the cost was only twenty dollars, and I was intrigued by the notion of tapping with others, and hearing the challenges of other women. It is sometimes comforting to just know that we are, as women, truly kindred spirits in some of our personal and emotional challenges. Needless to say, the group phone session was unique and enriching—I literally could identify in some way with every issue presented by each woman—it was as if the tapping for every individuals’ issue was actually MY tapping issue as well! Then it came to my specific issue: my addiction to Diet Coke—an ongoing battle— I have faced down this foe time and again for many years. Even knowing it is bad for my body, gives me severe health issues, is bad for my teeth, etc—-I still go back to it, even after kicking the habit for a year at a time. After the session with Pam, I have not had a Diet Coke since….I will have the occasional craving, especially for the fizz, but the tiger has no teeth anymore!!! I feel like I am in charge!!! I do think I will ask Pam to enforce this subject with me again in the future, just to help strengthen the message, and help me to KNOW that I have kicked it once and for all!!! I simply can’t say enough about the power of Pam, and her teaching and sharing of EFT. She is a powerful AND gentle , nurturing spirit —a ray of healing sunshine, helping to heal and release those old hurts and issues! Thank You Pam!!!
Jen Phillips - Batavia, OH

This time last year I was not in a good place in my life and felt very sad and down for a long time. It amazes me how far I have come in this past year and how much I physically and mentally feel better and have a more positive outlook on life. Pam, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and helping me through that tough period in my life. Our one-on-one sessions were powerful. I have enjoyed all of the events I attended at your office. Not only did I take away great insights, but I enjoyed meeting like-minded people who also attended. I owe you so much for investing your time into making my life better and making my soul feel better. You have taught me so many coping mechanisms that I still practice when I feel those bad feelings come along. I do sometimes have some bad days but it has been mostly good days and I just can’t thank you enough for making such a big impact on my life. I finally feel like I am where I am supposed to be in life and it’s a great feeling. Thank you, Pam!
CS - Bellevue, KY

Due to some past, negative life occurrences, I recently experienced an all-time low. One of my relatives had been to see Pam and suggested that I make an appointment with her. I am so glad I did because I received awesome relief after only one session. Along with her caring heart and knowledge, I felt like I started crawling out of a black hole. The tools she taught me and used during our sessions were amazing. My husband saw such a positive change in me, that he made an appointment to see her. I was not sure how he would react to his session with her. I was so excited when he came home smiling. As a result, we have been able to connect with a deeper bond. I have really enjoyed attending Pam’s monthly events: Commanding Wealth Circles, Money Blockage and Food Craving Releases. I invited friends and relatives who have also picked up insights from the events. I have met some wonderful people who meet at Pam’s office for group events. I know so much gratitude over the ways Pam has helped pull me out of depression. If you have issues dragging you down, give yourself a break and make an appointment to see Pam. You will be glad you did! Thanks Pam, for being there for me, my husband and others!
KA - Independence, KY

Procrastination & Self Doubt… be gone!

Since you so expertly took me through ‘Matrix Reimprinting,’ I clearly see my business path, and confidently tackle all that seems in my way. I had no idea I shouldered accumulated heavy baggage, blocking my thinking… sabotaging my confidence, energy, and my passion to share my purpose. I wish I had known about the possible results of your program, ‘Matrix Reimprinting’ years ago. Now that the clouds have parted, I realize how much time and mental stress I wasted because of the personal roadblocks I caused for myself. My results are amazing: Procrastination & Self Doubt… be gone!
Thank you, Pam
I want to tell the world!
Rebecca Eisele - Cincinnati, OH

When you first think about trying something new, reservations are understandable. Other people have felt the same way. It is helpful to hear from those who have gone down the road before you: I’ll begin this by explaining a little bit about my situation & how I found Pam. I am 15 years old and have been completely housebound for several months. At my lowest point I couldn’t even leave my apartment without having panic attacks. I found Pam while searching for a more holistic approach because nothing else had worked. I tried prescription medicines, herbal medicines, countless self-help books, therapy, etc. Before my first session with Pam, I was at the end of my rope ready to let go, praying that this would be the miracle I needed. After 2 phone sessions (and tapping on my own), I began to go out more and more. What would have taken 10+ years of therapy was accomplished in 2 sessions. I now can travel further and further away from my home and I am healing wonderfully. Pam is simply amazing at what she does. With her golden heart and her EFT skills I have been brought back to life. Thank You, Pam!
H - Newport, KY

I have such tremendous gratitude for Pam and helping me with EFT, Reiki and Quantum Touch. I was reluctant to make the first phone call to her, but when I finally did, I met someone who immediately put me at such ease. Pam is masterful and passionate about her work and helping people. I was able to tell her anything and without judgment she would just smile and take all my stuff, work it around until it popped out in such positive ways during our sessions. I am absolutely amazed at how she does this! It really is a magical healing experience. Pam has helped me work through some major emotional and health issues, which has transformed my life from depression, anger and fear to feeling like a different person being happier, healthier, more open and more at ease with myself. I have otherwise tried many, many other healing methods including talk therapy and all I can say is that nothing else has ever made such an impact as working with Pam and EFT. Anyone who has been hesitating calling for an appointment needs to go ahead, make the call and work with Pam. It will be life transformational. It has been for me!
Thank you Pam with all my heart!
V - Hebron, KY

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the top of my head and the tips of my fingers and toes for working with me. EFT has been a true blessing for me. I don’t know why it works! I’m just glad that it does! You helped to cleanse and purify my mind, body and soul from years of negative energy, due to bad experiences and traumas in my life that was hindering me from my true potential in this life. TODAY I CHOOSE TO STEP INTO MY FREEDOM! And, to finally feel worthy and deserving of this new emotional freedom, so I can enjoy my life with family and friends.
Thank you Pam!
C - LaGrange, KY

My sessions begin with Pam’s fabulous smile, greeting me and welcoming me into a positive environment. My experience with EFT has taught me to change my negative thinking patterns to those of a positive nature. I used to be the eternal pessimist, but with Pam’s help, I am growing to be an optimistic person! This is a miracle to me as I have lived on the ‘dark side’ of life for the entirety of my existence. I have been through some pretty terrible things, but EFT has gotten me through some recent troubling times that in the past would have dropped me to my knees in fear. I am stronger than I could ever have imagined.
A bit about Pam. I hope you meet her. She is a great listener – she hears me and has an innate sense of how to guide me through my journey in this life. She is a positive and supportive person who cares deeply about her clients. I am blessed to know her. Her calming voice and positve energy made delving into my ‘dark side’ not so scary.
No mere words can adequately describe how well she facilitates the removal of negative energy patterns. I believe in her and EFT.
J - Sunman, IN

I greatly believe in EFT. It is well worth the time and money to have a session with Pam. She helps me find issues I never realized I had! I am still working on some core issues that are difficult to find on my own. Since I’m from Louisville it is hard for me to drive to Florence when my schedule gets busy, so I plan to start doing phone EFT sessions with Pam. I have learned to do EFT on my own, but for many issues I need professional help. I look forward to working with Pam and stepping into more freedom.
M - Louisville, KY

I am relatively new to the EFT experience, but in just a few sessions with Pam I have found a renewed sense of calm. She has helped me clear up some old nagging personal issues and helped me strengthen my self-confidence. The positive energy she emits is contagious and though I leave our sessions relaxed I am at the same time buoyed with emotional and mental energy. I highly recommend Pam to anyone who has some old baggage that they have thus far been unable to release.
M - Covington, KY

Wow. Where do I begin? EFT has truly improved the quality of my life! I was holding on to unhealthy emotions from my childhood which was causing major stress in my life. Once I began working with Pam, I was able to release feelings of unworthiness, rejection and past hurts, some within one session. EFT helps you to clean out your meridian lines and release any negative emotions or fears that you may be holding on to. With determination and effort on your part you can be the person that you really want to be! I encourage you to give it a try. You can accomplish your dreams. You shall overcome any and all hindrances that impede your progress. You will see significant progress and growth in your life! Know that you are Positive Energy.
M - Cincinnati, Ohio

I tried EFT because of a friend’s unrelenting enthusiasm about it. I’m not a fan of talk therapies and EFT promised to take a different approach. I didn’t walk out of there with a revelation, but I did feel less disturbed about the topic we addressed. I guess the thing that sold me was that in fairly short order I made some very difficult life decisions that, before EFT, I don’t think I would have done. I certainly had spent many years avoiding the topic up to then. My life has changed for the better because of those decisions and the insights that grew out of them. I feel that EFT started that ball rolling. Because of this experience, I’ve been doing some reading about the theory behind EFT and it makes a lot of sense. I’ve personally seen it change the lives of others, too. If you have not been satisfied with traditional approaches to counseling, I definitely recommend it. Be bold and Pam will guide you through the rest.
B - Cincinnati, Ohio

I was in counseling two different times in 2003 and 2005 regarding mother issues. I gained insights both times, but anxious feelings would still arise occasionally. My girl friend told me how much Pam helped her with a similar issue by using EFT. She encouraged me to try EFT and I did. I was amazed at how much lighter I felt about the anxiety after one session. After giving to my three sons all of their lives, I decided to do something for me. I worked three more sessions into my budget and now know total peace over the issues. EFT works! I thank Pam for the great sessions that helped me heal myself.
J - Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

I met Pam when I took my daughter to her for some physical problems that she was having. Soon after, I began seeing Pam for unresolved issues with my father. Within two EFT sessions, I was able to let go of years of pain that I had been holding onto. Pam also saw talents in me that I didn’t see and encouraged me to apply for the type of job that I wanted but didn’t think I could get. As it would happen, I start my new job on March 19 and I am extremely excited. I credit Pam for seeing something in me that I could not and for that I will be forever grateful. I believe God has given Pam a talent to help others that goes much deeper than any counselor could ever hope to achieve.
G - Florence, Kentucky

EFT has been wonderful for my son and me. We were suffering with depression and unworthiness. But that all changed when we started EFT with Pam. My son went to see her first for his depression and in two sessions he was back to his old happy self that we hadn’t seen in awhile. And all this was had without the side effects of medication! I was dealing with unworthiness and other childhood issues. These are things that I had been to counseling for, and no matter how many years I went I never saw a difference. Then I started seeing Pam myself and in three consecutive sessions I have felt very different. I would say that I feel free! I am not afraid to say what I feel and I’m not hung up on the small stuff like I used to be in the past. I tell Pam all the time that she set me free!!!
D - Erlanger, KY

EFT works. At 74, I’ve carried some sad and angry feelings through several kinds of therapy. I’m extremely gratified that after three sessions with Pam, I’ve released them. My memories remain, but the emotional content has drifted away. You don’t need to understand or believe in EFT. You do need to suspend judgment for the hour and allow it to work for you. I think you’ll find it easy and effective.
J - Cincinnati, OH

I came to Pam to help my son with grief issues surrounding the death of my husband. But, the continued prodding of a friend brought me to her doorstep. First, I found her to be very warm, reassuring and accepting. To be able to work with a teenage boy and have such results!!! My son is back to the boy I knew. He is happier without all of the angry outbursts. Since then, I have begun to see Pam myself and have had really good results. I would recommend her to anybody. She is the type of person you just want to be around because she makes you feel so good about yourself.
M - Anderson, OH

Pam works with me over the phone due to the fact I live in Colorado. I am going to start with saying that everyone can benefit from EFT. When I was referred to her by my best friend, I welcomed the opportunity to release the scary internalized pains I felt. Like what are we doing here? And, why do I feel the way I do? “Get with it. Buckle down; you can handle it,” as my father says. Simply stated, that does not always work in our best interest. We all meet with painful experiences and grand experiences throughout our lives. With the death of my mother, and later, my husband, I knew I had buried my feelings. Especially since those deaths came so early in my life. I was four when she died and forty-seven when my husband’s untimely passing. I felt cheated, victimized and unsafe with the process of life. I applaud Pam profoundly, for her ability to seek out the truth that lies within. Then to understand how and why we arrived at that place. And, most importantly, Pam is able to facilitate the easy release of those pains through EFT. I have sought other pathways throughout my life and this technique is most effective. This is true emotional freedom. I speak with resounding love to the changes that have occurred in my being since working with Pam. Thank you, Pam. Your gift so generously shared with us all who know you and are touched by you.
J - Colorado